So I'm thinking about creating a #FOSS series and am researching topics. Since we decided to go with on-prem servers, it's been a while since I looked into ethical hosting/VPS alternatives. Basically, if you're not using AWS/Azure/GCP servers, who are the ethical server providers you should turn to?

So far I have #Greenhost. Anyone else?

#opensource #fossmendations

@letterus @hostsharing oh crap, now I have to pretend I totally paid attention at my German classes in high school.

@Gina @hostsharing Hrhr. Think, Google will do that for you. If you have any questions, just ask. I think the guys and girls from @hostsharing will be happy to answer them.

As Johannes writes: @hostsharing is my favorite. If you're talking about #VPS, might be an alternative.


@peter vpsfree looks interesting as well. Also interesting to me: A czech association does English/international communication. In Germany we don't. Maybe we should change that…? @Gina @hostsharing

@letterus @peter @Gina @hostsharing is completely open to internationalisation, if someone pays for the resources to do the additional work and extra staff.


@mgw @letterus @peter @Gina

Indeed we did some research some years ago. Sadly there are some major and obstacles. Evenmore the situation became worse when the "place of performance" from the perspective of (tax) was moved to the recipients' location in conjunction with services. Recently uncertainty related to international trade was assigned an infamous name: .

Currently we lack of knowledge, (wo)man power and funding. Supporters are welcome.

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